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Cutout Image Media Ltd is a leading Image Background Removal Service provider for product photographers, Wedding photographers, Food Photographers, Magazines, Advertising Agencies & online stores.

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Photos are grown very important in the transmission of news these days, especially in the world of business. At Cutout Image Media Ltd, we understand the power of stylish quality images is the reason why we are here to help the companies to gain competitive advantage Top professional image through distinguished service. Backgrounds Distance Service is one of our popular services. Continue to remove more to learn about our view of the background services and discover why we edit the best images companies in Bangladesh.

What is Image or Photo Background Removal Service

Which picture / image background removal? How to remove the background of your images? Here are some common questions you would ask if you want to edit a single photo or bulk photos for your business. As the name suggests, backgrounds Distance Service is a photo retouching service where you get rid of unwanted elements in the background of your images. It is believed your photos more attractive than they are making, or perhaps if you want to use them better forward a message without distracting the user.
Removing one of the most popular tools for photo background Adobe Photoshop actually many different techniques, offering to remove the background from an image. We often use two common methods in terms of image removing the background using Photoshop, which is clipping and masking. Cut to remove the background when your photos are the most common approach and the best solution is a sharp or smooth edges. It is characterized essentially followed a path around the image by a separation of the object from the original background.

Who needs image background removal service

E-commerce, fashion, photography, media, magazines, web design and advertising needs professional image background removal service. Cutout Image Media Ltd has been named as the best background image removal service provider in Bangladesh.
Image background Removal Service


Cutout Image Media offers the best quality image editing services. We have been serving since 2010. We can help you with a wide range of image editing services.


Clipping Path service is provided to edit an image. In this service you will be provided with the best quality image by removing unwanted things or background. Without any hard work you will get a professional photograph. Sometimes images do not attract clients due to rough looks and irritating things. To overcome these kinds of obstacles we use clipping path service and Cutout Image Media Ltd offers you the best service.


Image masking service is a standout amongst other significant and patient services in the graphic design sector. At the point when anyone needs to expel the background from his mind boggling picture that contains colossal outside hair or any kind of hide, at that point he needs to apply Photoshop masking techniques. The masking techniques are touchy to getting a top notch result. There are various kinds of masking.


Color Correction service is the process of changing the color of an image. Sometimes we need to change color or create variation with different colors for the same object. Cutout Image Media Ltd offers this service to its client.
Color correction is a process used in stage lighting, photography, television, cinematography, and other disciplines, which uses color gels, or filters, to alter the overall color of the light.


Shadow creation service is a technique that is used to put an artificial shadow to make an image more natural and attractive. This is one of the important steps of image editing. Most of the time the shadow is added behind or under the image. We all know that when we capture a picture it has an original shadow of the product but it does not look beautiful all the time so we need to put an extraordinary and vanishing shadow.


Ghost mannequin service is also called the undetectable mannequin, is a sort of undertaking in Photoshop where a mannequin is expelled from a unique bit of pieces of clothing shirts, pants, shirts, tops, etc. Sometimes, the image of a model is likewise expelled from a specific dress under the service. To be succinct, the service of undetectable mannequin causes you to expel a mannequin or a model from your objective item.


Image Retouching is the process where we make a simple image very attractive. By implementing photo retouching we can make a young man look older, fat woman look very pretty & slim, make a natural person to look like a model. We apply different effects to make the image more attractive. We can turn an irritating image into a stunning one. This service is required for model photo editing, jewelry photo, head-shot, portrait photo editing and many more.