How to Become a National Geographic Photographer

Photography is an art. If you are crazy and passionate about photography, then it is the right choice for you. Because in photography you always need to find out the uniqueness. The picture you take should be meaningful and different from others.
Now come to the main point, becoming a photographer of National Geographic is not an easy task. For that, you need dedication and you must have 5-10 years of photojournalism experiences. You should be highly specialized in wildlife, cultural, underwater, geopolitics, landscape, and aerial photography. In order to achieve your goal, you need to follow the steps below.
Having a Bachelor’s degree in journalism is not mandatory. But if you want to get into National Geographic, then you need to have a college degree in photojournalism. Because it presents you have a deep passion for photography. That is why you have completed a full-time course on photojournalism. But if you do not have a degree, that doesn’t mean you are not skilled. It is encouraged that you join photography classes and earn more knowledge. Thus you can enhance your skills.

2. Use different types of cameras

Find the Best Camera
In National Geographic, you will have to use different types of cameras for shooting. But if you are accustomed to using only the same type of camera, then it is not a better practice for you. You need to use a variety of cameras and know their controls. It is better you build up contacts with professional photographers. As a result, sometimes you can practice with their cameras. Also, you try with your friend’s and relative’s camera and capture photos. Or, if you have the ability to buy the latest and updated camera, we recommend you buy it. Because the more you practice, the more you can learn.

3. Find a job

Another important aspect of becoming a National Geographic Photographer is professional working experience. Because National Geographic requires its freelancers at least 5 or, 6 years of experience in the working field. You can look for jobs in local newspapers and magazines as a staff photographer. Because here, you will be able to take photos every day. Most of the photographers of National Geographic have started their careers by working in newspapers or magazines. So working in these sectors will certainly help you to grow your photography skills day by day.

4. Publish your works

If you have already made a good collection of your photos, then publish it on multiple platforms. The National Geographic Editors always look for photographers who have the ability to grab their attention. You can publish your photos in magazines, blogs, newspapers, books, and online articles. Also, you can publish photos on your website and do the marketing. In this way, you can reach your works to the people. Moreover, this process will give you an opportunity to make your best photos visible to the editors of National Geographic.

5. Make contact with former National Geographic Photographers

It is necessary to build up a communication with the photographers who have previously worked in National Geographic. They host seminars and share experiences about National Geographic. So try to attend those seminars and take their advice. After the talk, you can introduce yourself and show your best stuff to the established photographers. Request them to evaluate your work. As a result, you can get more ideas for improving your photos. Also, you can make a good relationship with them.

6. Send your photos to National Geographic

There are many photographers who are continuously trying to get a job in National Geographic. For this reason, they keep sending their works to the National Geographic. If any photographer’s work is liked by an editor, then he will be contacted. So this is the best way to draw the attention of the National Geographic. But do not send pictures excessively. There should be a delicate balance. Too much of anything is a pain. If you just give the same things frequently and try to contact the people of National Geographic, they may find it annoying. So don’t do this type of activity.

7. Join the National Geographic Community

You can work with some of the brightest persons in the National Geographic Industry. To grab this golden chance, you need to create an account on the National Geographic website. You will not be charged to set up a “Your Shot” account. Send your best photos to have a chance of working with this community. Furthermore, you can get feedback on your photos from the experts and the best names of this company. By chance, if your works get noticed and selected, you will be assigned to go on a project with National Geographic.

Final Words - how to become a National Geographic Photographer

We have tried our best to guide you with the whole process of becoming a National Geographic Photographer. But it totally depends on you. If you properly follow the above steps and do hard-work, then certainly you can be a part of the National Geographic Community.