10 Best Film Photoshop Actions in 2022

Sometimes you might need to make your photos look as though they were created for a big-budget film. You can also manually make these effects in Photoshop, but it would take a lot of time. For this reason, Photoshop actions are necessary. They can be used for nature photography or outdoor photography.
Today, we’ve made a list of a mini collection of the best film Photoshop actions that will ensure the best post-production quality of your photographs, which you can use with just a few clicks. These free actions will give your digital art a cinematic look. You can apply your own actions with just a single click on your original photos.
Vintage Film Photoshop Actions is a great Photoshop action to try. The effect adds a film-inspired look, however it likewise has a vintage vibe that makes a retro aesthetic.
This set features 10 Photoshop actions. Every action is roused by the impacts left behind by vintage films, including Kodak, Fujifilm, and others. Also, these actions add vintage tones and film grain to your photos.
Vintage Film Photoshop Actions is compatible with Photoshop CS4 and newer. This is one of the best free photoshop actions for black and white film.

2. Digital Film Supply Action Bundle

Digital Film Supply is a progression of High-End Photoshop Actions (74 Total) motivated by film photography and great presets like VSCO.
These are mainly subtle fine-tuned film emulation for your pictures, not presets for harsh special effects. It’s should be applied in High-Resolution photos for the best outcomes.
Digital Film Supply Action Bundle includes:
  • Subtle and realistic film effects
  • 74 Photoshop Actions, including matte versions
This free photoshop action is compatible with Photoshop CS3, CC, and future releases.

3. Grand Trend Art (GTA) Photoshop Action

GTA Photoshop Action is one of the best photoshop actions that turns your photographs into game-style hand-drawn animation work of art in only a couple of clicks. The bundle contains 5 frame templates, 5 collage templates, and 15 overall color presets.
The action works best with figures, models, portraits, and inanimate objects. It is overall quite simple to use and saves lots of time.
This action has been tried and working in Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC 2014, CC 2015, CC 2015.5, CC 2017, CC 2018+.
GTA Photoshop Action will just work with the English version of Photoshop. Also, keep the images size around 2000px – 3500px high/wide and 72/300 dpi resolution.

4. 33 Matte Film Emulation Actions

Get the feeling of real authentic films with these 33 Photoshop actions. All the 33 actions are completely editable and use grain designs made from genuine film scans.
Play one action and choose the effect. This saves your time by switching effects instantly without playing each action individually.
You can choose a huge variety of film emulations from Kodak, Fujifilm, Agfa, and Ilford. The actions have a separately adjustable fade setting. Besides, they can accurately resemble the color and tone of real films.
To fulfill the needs of professional photographers, 33 Matte Film Emulation Actions play a vital role.

5. CineStock Photoshop Actions

Want to create a cinematic effect in your photos? It is not difficult now, as 18 Photoshop actions will help you to do that.
As one of the best free photoshop actions the CineStock Photoshop actions will take your photographs to a new level by giving them a serious, desaturated, and sensational look.
This set of actions makes a group that contains all the adjustment layers and impacts. Moreover, it can hold 100% of your original picture due to its non-destructive feature. This set contains a “play all” action that goes through each action. As a result, you can compare the effect with your original image. CineStock Photoshop Actions is compatible with Photoshop CS4 and newer.

6. Film Noir B&W Photoshop Actions

Film Noir includes 6 artistic black and white conversion Photoshop actions. it is quite versatile and turns out best for well-exposed portrait, fine-art, and street imagery.

I – Male Portrait

II – Female Portrait

III – Sepia

IV – Dark Matte

V – Porcelain

VI – Victorian

Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS4 and higher, including CC 2015.

7. Faded Films - 75 Film & Retro Effects

Faded Films actions change your photographs with wonderful blurred impacts in only a single click. Play one action and all the effects will be produced for you!
By limiting the layers and adhering to nondestructive layers, these actions run fast. There are no raster adjustments, layer combining, filters, and so forth. Most effects are just 1-2 layers!
Utilizing Photoshop’s snapshots feature, you can switch between the impacts instantly without running another action.
Since these actions use RGB curves to change the color and contrast, they give you the most amazing picture quality, incredible outcomes, and dynamic range with any photograph. All the impacts are made using nondestructive layers – no raster layers!

8. Movie Effect Lightroom Presets

Film Effect Mobile and Desktop Lightroom Presets Collection were made to replicate the appearance of cinematic effects utilized in film and cinemas. These filters are designed to look extraordinary with a wide range of images. You can generate the result in a single click.
These presets will assist beginners and professional photographers with making fashion photography, wedding photography, travel photography, vacation photography, food photography, and more.
Compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and 7(CC), Adobe Photoshop Action, and Adobe Lightroom Mobile.

9. Pro Cinematic Photoshop Actions

Pro Cinematic Photoshop Actions Pack comes with 15 film and sports style action channels to help rapidly and effectively improve your photographs. Regardless of whether you’re a professional photographer or someone that does it for entertainment, I’m certain you will really enjoy using Pro Cinematic photoshop Actions.
These actions are fully customizable. You can edit any of these actions by altering different layers and adjustment layers. The pack includes 15 actions and Readme.pdf.
Compatible with Photoshop CS3 to CS6, and Creative Cloud.

10. FilterGrade Film Series Photoshop Actions

The FilterGrade Film Series is an incredible assortment of film effects and realistic. From wild western to thriller, loads of cool Photoshop Actions are included. The actions feature the special Indie and Western Effects.
An excellent collection of film effects and styles at a reasonable cost. FilterGrade Photoshop actions included 20 art file effects, Letterbox, Vignette, and Advanced Vignette, files for Installing Photo Actions, and more.

Final Words on the 10 Best Film Photoshop Actions

Hope you can now utilize the film Photoshop actions and create amazing photographic pieces of art. Each action is different from the others, so you can use any action depending on your need. Wish you good luck.