10 Best Apps for Photographers in 2022

Photographers always look constantly for taking truly amazing pictures. With cell phone cameras now you can capture high-quality and sharp images very easily. That’s why a photographer requires an app in his iOS and Android device. There are tons of free and paid photography apps available that will help to take better photos. So in this blog, we will discuss the 10 best apps for photographers.
VSCO is the best photo editing app as well as a great photo-sharing app. VSCO is an outstanding app amongst other iPhone photography apps and highlights a great 3-in-1 camera, social sharing, and iPhone photo app. VSCO has a dedicated network of professional photographers, where you can discover a wide range of people. Also, you will surely like VSCO’s instinctive structure – the primary menu is clean and straightforward, tools are easy to use, and very beautiful icons.
  • Impressive features
  • Comes with a built-in camera
  • Provides a photo-sharing platform
  • Easy access to the VSCO photography community
  • Works smoothly
  • Attractive and simple design
  • No dark-mode support
  • No commenting
  • No desktop apps

2. Google Snapseed

Snapseed is another best photo editing app created by Google. If you’re looking for a Photoshop-like photography application, in this case, Snapseed is a great app to download. This app is known for its capacity to edit RAW pictures also. As smartphones presently are fit for shooting RAW pictures. Besides, editing them appropriately in a decent photo editing app is also important. Though it doesn’t have the entirety of Photoshop’s highlights and functionalities, most of its controls and editing process are quite the same. Some great features of Snapseed are healing brush, structure, HDR, perspective, and so on. Another great element in this free photograph editing app is the capacity to save your style that you can use in different photographs. Photograph impacts and channels can be definitely edited by giving more control to the users to get the outcome they need. That’s why Snapseed is one of the broadly utilized free photography apps.
  • Free app
  • Comes with professional tools
  • Both amateurs & professionals can use
  • Can edit RAW files
  • User friendly
  • No advertisements
  • Not for complete beginners
  • Needs to learn a slight before starting
  • Social network integration could be improved

3. Camera+

If you use an iPhone, you will likely hear Camera+. On the other hand, you’re using this app now and dependent on it. So undoubtedly Camera+ is one of the awesome photo editing apps for the iPhone and has amazing features and abilities. Camera+ has been designed to provide its users to shoot photos like professionals. This app also provides touch exposure, simple controls, steady shooting, gridlines for composition, and many more. Along with the standard editing tools (for example crop, borders, and captioning), Camera+ provides advanced tools like tone adjustment tool, red-eye remover, vignette, fixing, and white balance. Then you can easily share all the photographs on Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr.
  • New tools and fixes
  • Excellent app
  • Advanced features
  • Frequent updates
  • Take great pictures
  • Easy to use
  • Several options to enhance your image
  • Only available for IOS smartphones

4. Pixlr

Pixlr is one of the most well-known free photography apps for iOS and Android and has various photo effects, overlays, and filters that you can use to make really special and outstanding pictures. Pixlr offers four diverse web applications, all HTML5 applications that load perfectly in your browser. Pixlr Editor is the best free web application, and it offers plenty of features, even layers and color replacement tools. Pixlr Express is a toned-down version that provides great user experience and many preset filters. Pixlr Pro is a paid tool that gives a free trial at first, however, it can open a Photoshop PSD file and save it as a PNG or JPG. At last, Pixlr Today is a task manager extension that can be used on Google Chrome Browser. The app is free however offers in-app purchases of things like photo effect packs. After completing the work, Pixlr can save photos to your social media accounts or email.
  • Great for quick edits
  • Amazing tools
  • Free app
  • Can be used online
  • Simple to use
  • Mind-blowing interface
  • Very useful app
  • Lots of ads
  • hardly provides updates

5. Instasize

Instasize is the best companion while you do photo editing work. It is considered the “all in one” photo editing app due to its numerous features combined in one. It is perfect for both IOS and Android. Moreover, the app includes a library of filters, resizing options, photo frame packs, retouching tools, a content tool, video editing, etc. Moreover, Instasize is easy to navigate, provides 100+ filters that can easily improve any picture, various photo adjustment tools, 6 retouching tools, 30+ border packs for additional customization of your edits, and many more. So if you’re a beginner photographer or a professional, then Instasize will be a lovely app for you.
  • Free app
  • Excellent video editing
  • Compatible with Android and IOS devices
  • Higher rating on Google play store
  • Smaller size
  • A broader range of languages
  • Unlock additional features by moving to a small pricing plan
  • Integrates with social networks
  • A bit annoying premium ads

6. Enlight

Enlight is an advanced and outstanding app for photographers. It has amazing tools that most photograph apps have, like exposure, shading, and editing, high contrast filters, and greatest control over photo and shadow quality. The main feature of the Enlight app is its Mixer tool, that can combine two photographs for a double exposure image and a lot of extra highlights for excellent editing. Moreover, this best photography app has a Mask tool that lets you paint onto a picture to fix unwanted shading spots and make a delightful impact.
  • Plenty of photo editing tools
  • Amazing effects
  • Incredible results
  • Clear interface
  • No advertisements
  • Low price
  • There is no undo button

7. Instagram

More than 1 billion people are using Instagram, because it is providing amazing service to its users for a long time. The Instagram photography app began with simple filters and fun picture frames. But within a short time, it has established itself quickly as one of the great photo apps that enables you to edit photographs and make photograph “stories”. These things can easily be shared with your friends and followers on Instagram. It satisfies similar social needs as Facebook does. Instagram mainly focuses on sharing your everyday life as photos and you can also see what others are sharing on your feed. Instagram also allows messaging options for private discussions or photo sharing. The way Instagram provides amenities to its users like stories, photo sharing, live chatting is really wonderful. The filters’ Instagram are natural and clear for editing photos. So if you are searching for a free photo app with excellent editing tools, advanced sharing features, and a good community. Undoubtedly Instagram will be the right choice for you.
  • Advanced features
  • More Appealing Interface
  • Great platform
  • Perfect for business promotion
  • Easy communication
  • Amazing filters
  • Easy to share photos
  • Too many Advertisements
  • Very addictive

8. Adobe Photoshop Express

Another ideal photo app is the Adobe Photoshop Express. Unlike numerous other photo apps, Photoshop Express contains the functions “straighten” and “flip” that can enable you to accomplish much more flexible editing options. You can edit photos in RAW formats or even in TIFF format, using Adobe Photoshop Express. It comes with 45 filters to select that you need to add wonderful effects to your photos. Therefore, Adobe Photoshop Express is perfect to enhance your photos, stylize, and easy sharing.
  • Stunning photo Collages
  • Style transfer feature
  • Pop color tool for highlighting color themes
  • Well designed
  • Full-screen option
  • Very powerful app
  • Only supports JPG files
  • No social media sharing

9. Photo Lab

Photo Lab features a great collection of stylish and beautiful photo effects. There are almost 1000 effects available in this app. Around 40 categories in this app offer magnificent face photograph montages, photo frames, animated effects, overlays, sketches and paintings, and photo filters that can be used perfectly in your photographs. You can save the photographs into the Gallery, share in the apps feed, messenger, or social media. Also, Photo Lab is a one-tap answer for any issues in your image. Perhaps it may be the color correction, background replacement, or any other fixes – Photo Lab is always ready to help you.
  • Endless options
  • Mainly for selfies
  • Great filters
  • Outstanding performance
  • Lots of photo effects
  • Very ad heavy

10. Google Photos

Google photo app is another marvelous app for photographers. It is mainly built to save and share your nice photographs. Also, it includes a built-in editing feature. The pictures are backed automatically and can be accessed from anyplace through any associated gadget. The advantage of this app is it allows you to free up space on your mobile. The editing tools of Google photos can edit the light, shading, brightness, and more in the gallery app itself. That’s why using Google Photos is highly recommended to professional photographers.
  • Great layout
  • Creative and sharing tools
  • Attractive, ad-free interface
  • Easy sharing
  • Amazing backup
  • Google lens doesn’t work
  • The new format is frustrating
Final Words on Best Apps for photographers
The above photo apps are the perfect choice for photographers to explore something new. Because all of the apps have advanced tools, modern features, and nicely organized interfaces to make your work very easy. Hope you have enjoyed and got useful information regarding the best apps for photographers.