15 Cool Macro Photography Ideas to Try Today

You can take pictures of small-sized things with macro lenses, extension tubes, or converse connector rings. Finding the right subject is most likely the hardest part. Newbies imagine that they need to go outside to explore fascinating macro photographs. But the truth is, macro images can be found everywhere. Just look at your surroundings for macro photography inspiration, you will get a lot of good macro photography ideas.  Great macro subjects are available everywhere. We discussed here 15 macro photography ideas to assist you in capturing small objects.


To take quality macro shots you need to have clear concepts regarding some issues and take preparations. You have to be expert on close up photography for breathtaking macro images and have to find out macro subjects. Macro photographers must have proper camera settings for taking good macro photo such as to have dedicated macro lens, macro lighting system, proper focal length and shutter speed. Natural environment, focal points and interesting subjects matter for creative images.

1. Bubbles in Drinks

Bubbles in Drinks

Carbonated water or a super cold beer isn’t just for quenching your thirst. You may utilize them in your macro photography.  Serve the beverage in a glass or container that fits your subject. Utilize a prolonged champagne glass to let the bubbles create chains in the shimmering wine. If you have a glass reflecting the coke brand, serve the drinks in that. This is how you can find such types of interesting macro photos. You can also take great macro photos of bath bubbles, soap bubbles and air bubbles.

2. Textiles


Garments and materials are something simple to work with. The chances are that you already have various sorts of elements now in your home.  Different strings and changes in colors are all excellent photos. Particularly when you take the photos closely.  Reflection is an extraordinary method to utilize. You can create patterns, textures, and compositional lines to draw the attention of the viewers.

3. Leaves


Anything natural scenes are perfect for macro photography ideas. Leaves are incredible on the grounds that they come in a wide range of types. They change in color, size, shape, and surface after they fall from the tree.  You can try different things with this subject, for example, demonstrating the transition of seasons because of the changes in colors. So it is really an excellent macro photography idea.

4. Water Droplets

Water Droplets

Water droplets are extraordinary to work with. You can utilize this macro mode after rainfall or even make them yourself with a shower firearm in rainy day. The best thing about droplet is they add a nice effect to your photo. They make the background blur and make the color shining.  All the more curiously, they mimic little crystal balls, harnessing objects that are found in the background and make them sharp. You can try ice cubes as well.

5. Textures


Texture in macro or large-scale photography is one of the most outstanding areas that you can discover. Everything in this world has a texture; you may simply need to get close to it. Anything in a powder structure, for example, spices can give you that harsh look. They come in different colors, the grains come in numerous sizes, and you can even make the shape like mountains and valleys. The texture is really unique macro photography. But the best outcome depends on your creativity.

6. Toys


One of the latest trends in macro photography is using toys. They can be set in a wide range of scenarios, going from exceptionally theoretical, to imitating human life. Blended in with a tilt-move cycle can make watchers double-take to ensure they aren’t taking a look at something realistic. It will be more useful for you if you have kids. As they will get a kick out of helping you. But if you don’t have any, no problem, you can go to the toy shop and take some beautiful macro photos. Or even you can go to your neighbor’s home and find their child’s toys. Sometimes ordinary objects look stunning if you can give them interesting shapes.

7. Make-Up Items

Make-Up Items

Open your makeup drawer and bring out the items. When I was a child, I dissolved my mother’s lipstick and poured her eyeshadow on the floor. The beautiful precious stones of the powder shimmered all around in the daylight. You don’t need to pulverize your or another person’s make up items. However, you can shower limited quantities on a paper sheet or on other surfaces. In this way, no one will resent you for your macro photography thoughts.

8. Jewelry


Have you ever attempted item photography? Then you could see what a macro lens can do to delightful bits of metal, weaved around valuable jewels. A macro lens lets you focus on the most attractive part of the jewelry while permitting the metal to make an amazing bokeh impact. The main point is that they will look much bigger than they truly are, transforming little bits of eminence into great objects.

9. Insects


Insects are incredibly superb, or downright creepy. Particularly exploded to the sizes that macro photography offers. You can transform these mini monsters into huge beasts utilizing the correct camera and focal point mix. There is an entire another world out there, not seen with the naked eye. Insects macro photography is one of the most unique ideas, as they are really eye-catching, attractive, and beautiful. So insect photography is a good subject for macro shot.

10. Eyes


Nothing is more significant than the eyes. We use them for photographic purposes. We additionally use them as a method of non-verbal communication, where our feelings are effectively intelligible. They are the most important thing because it can tell more about someone than a full-body structure. The eyes say a lot of our ancestry, and their colors and patterns are incredibly delightful and special. The great thing about eye macro photography is that you can focus it very nicely to grab the attention of the viewers.

11. Food Photography

Food Photography

Yummy, food! If there is one territory where macro photography can perfectly be utilized, it is in food photographyWho doesn’t prefer to see sharp-looking plates loaded up with tasty foods? You can take close macro photograph of excellent food items. Or then again you can utilize little food elements, for example, candies or even colorful sugar sprinkles.  Food coloring is an interesting patterns as macro photography subjects. If you can choose the right food, just take some close up shots. Then take a close snap of the taste palette. The best thing about food photography is you can eat the subjects.

12. Peeling Paint

Peeling Paint

Peeling paint and rust are a great way of demonstrating the time passing. Though It is hard to show time movement in pictures, it paint can help greatly in this regard. Peeling paint and rust raises connotations of the past. An old building, something out of care and consideration. They also add a magnificent surface, made considerably more significant by the characteristic, fluctuating levels of destruction.

13. Patterns


Patterns are everywhere. Take a look at the objects in your home, and explore them from another point of view. Nature has an incredible method to repeat objects, giving you plenty of macro photography ideas to work from. Patterns in macro photography may overlap with abstract and textured images, which just boost the interest in your image. Tones are also significant, so look around and start shooting.

14. Flowers


Flowers are wonderful as they are colorful. There is a wide range of flowers in the world. They also come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some are found in the remotest areas of the globe, so it implies you will have to travel to get the macro photograph of the flowers. Getting in close is an extraordinary method to show our natural world from a different perspective.

15. Feathers


There is a reason behind natural items coming frequently in the list. We love the natural world. We have such a variety of things to take photos of. Many people will not see as close as you do. This is why their interest increases. People don’t know how a feather looks when it is very close. So now you can show them with your macro photo.

Final Words On The Best Macro Photography Ideas

Macro photography may appear to be hard from first sight. But, it is really amazing to work. You don’t require a ton of equipment. A camera or a cell phone and a macro lens are sufficient. You can even remain at home and take photographs of subjects you can discover. In such a way you can take macro pictures and beautiful photo of any macro subject from everyday objects. Hope you have obtained lots of macro photography ideas reading this blog. If you are ready for taking good macro photos with your camera lens, get started.