best tips for ecommerce product photography

10 Best tips for Ecommerce Product Photography in 2022

Do you have an e-commerce store? Or you are planning to open your e-commerce store. It is pertinent for you that you must know the importance of product photography. It can enhance your business on the top.
However, a man cannot check or touch the product in person while buying it, so product photography plays a pivotal role in your e-commerce business. Therefore, you must follow these 10 successful tips for your ecommerce product photography.
If you are seeking great tricks to boost your e-commerce products, then the very first thing you should follow is its clean background. When you capture the product in the white background, then it will be alone and easy to note everything the product includes.
You should also remember that the product on your e-commerce store cannot check or move it. Therefore, you must capture all the poses of your product at different angles, so it can help customers to see what it looks like.
Apart from this, lifestyle photography will assist your customers in checking how your products can fit in their lifestyle. It will also help you in repurposing for social media posts as the sour of promotion.

2. Utilize Natural Light

If you have a tight budget and seeking for outstanding light quality, then you should stop looking for artificial light. The natural light is the best option for you i.e., just outside your window. You should only care about the timing and days for natural light.
It means the best time for capturing quality images in natural light is early morning time and late afternoons. So, it is the time when the sun is not direct, which will protect your photography from the harsh shadow.
Apart from this, slightly overcast days are useful days for your e-commerce product photography than bright sunny days. It will give you an outstanding light for which people pay hundreds of dollars with artificial equipment.

3. Select the Best Camera

Undoubtedly, smartphone cameras are a good option for your product photography, but for e-commerce, the quality image can be produced with professional DSLR cameras. However, DSLR doesn’t matter as much as its lens. So, a good lens can produce an effective photo of e-commerce products.
You should capture a creative picture of your product. However, a lens with a good zoom facility can avoid the necessity for a tripod. It will assist you shot the picture of the same product from different distances.
Besides, if your product has a small size, then you may need to invest in the macro lens. It is the best option for small-sized e-commerce products.

4. Tripod as Stability

The very first thing which most of the producer forget to implement i.e., the use of a tripod. You must remember that a human cannot create stability like a simple tripod can. Therefore, a tripod will assist you to produce clear and consistent pictures for your e-commerce products. That’s why, it is a successful tips for ecommerce product photography
It is the basic necessity for every kind of product you are going to capture. So, you should utilize it for the best results of your product photography.

5. Before Capturing Ready your Products

Undoubtedly, you will ready your products before you capture their photos. However, in e-commerce product photography, you must not skip this step. You must check either it is locked or not because a small movement can make your picture blue. So try to lock down all the products before you capture.
However, dents or small errors can be rectified with the help of software, but why should we increase your work? If your camera’s output is HD, then this small imperfection would show a big difference. So, you must ready products before capturing.

6. Try to Retouch and Edit the Photo

You should not retouch every product photography you capture, but you should retouch only the photo which requires it. Sometimes, you need to remove the shadow or edit the background, etc. Therefore, you can use retouching software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, etc.
However, you must remember that you should not mislead your customer by changing the whole texture, color, and shape of the product with the help of retouching software.

7. To be Consistent

It is important to know all the guidelines for e-commerce product photography before capturing the picture of the product. These guidelines are ranging from the background to the distance between product and camera. Similarly, light also plays a vital role while capturing the picture.
You should shot the pictures which must be specific and detailed. They must be shot first time as not repetition. So, it would be a consistency in your photography. When the size of every picture you capture is not consistent, then it would also be penalized. However, the square templets are most recommended for consistency in e-commerce product photography.

8. Should Be User-Generated

It is already mentioned in the very first point that the first and foremost tip for e-commerce product photography should have lifestyle photos. In relation to this, user-generated product photography is another tip for e-commerce product photography. It doesn’t mean that you should dpend on these pictures, but it builds trust in your customers.
Apart from this, a study reveals that customer images are more influential than standard product pictures. In this way, you will get more stalk of the picture as user-generated, so you will get more customers in the future too.

9. Try not to Distract from Your Product

You should remember that while capturing a photo of your product, you should not set other products with your targeted product. This mixing up of your product with other products will distract the attention of your customers.
You can better understand this tip in the following examples:

  •  If you sell clothing on your e-commerce, then you need to pair your Shirt with you pant not with any other product. If you paired with the pant that is not of your product, then maybe the customer keeps on checking the product that is not mentioned in your product list is paired with your product. So, it is what a distraction.
  • One more example, if you are selling cutlery products, and you have designed a table in combining way. It shows your products with bowls and plates that you don’t sell would distract your customers.
Therefore, you should not mix your products with others. You must keep your background clean so that your customer’s attention should not be grabbed from your product.

10. Your Product Image Must Be SEO Optimized

You may be aware of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its role in your online store website. Most of the people don’t ignore this tip; however, it is the best tip to promote your e-commerce business.
If your picture has high load time and it is unable to open quickly, then the valuable customers will bounce back. In this manner, your website traffic will decline, and your seller will also be decreased. Therefore, you need to downsize the picture so that you can improve the load timing of your picture.
Apart from this, you should give your product picture name as the main keyword. It will assist google in reading your product and increasing the ranking of your website. It will act as an Alt tag. You should also ensure that all the pictures on your website have alt tags with their descriptions.
Therefore, if you would like to improve your sell on e-commerce, then you have to follow these 10 tips for e-commerce product photography.

Final Words on best tips for ecommerce product photography

Therefore, if you would like to improve your sell on e-commerce, then you have to follow these 10 tips for e-commerce product photography.